For most of my life, I never thought about what I put in my body. I loved eating various different snacks like oreos and drinking lots of sodas like fanta and sprite. Whenever I ate anything I didn’t pay any attention to the nutritional value, but rather to the way the food tasted. This was the main reason I fell in love with Italian food; the way cheese tasted in combination with both pizza dough and pasta made my taste buds water. I didn’t care about the high fat and high carb content in these foods, but instead, I just cared about enjoying the food I was eating. Don’t get me wrong – I think that it’s perfectly fine to eat food just for the taste. However, I don’t think that having a diet where all that you eat is simply just for the taste is going to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Before I changed my diet, I was really out of shape. I play tennis, which is a sport that requires a great deal of stamina and power in order to be successful. 

When my diet consisted of mostly carbs, I wasn’t getting the protein necessary for me to build muscle and gain power nor was I able to play at a high level for hours at a time. The lack of stamina I had came as a surprise to me initially due to the fact that I always got a healthy amount of sleep and that I did a great deal of cardio work every day. However, I realized that in order to be healthy and get fit, you need to; get good sleep, have a good routine in terms of exercise, AND have a balanced diet. Although the sleep and exercise portion of this isn’t something that is easy to attain for many people, for the longest time I was unable to change my diet. When I realized this, I immediately set a goal for myself to have a healthy diet. I figured out what I needed to eat, how much I needed to eat, and how often I needed to eat. After only a short period of time, I was able to successfully change my diet but also fully comprehend the importance of health in life. I am vegetarian so it is harder for me to get protein than it would be if I ate meat. However, I’ve been able to find a various snack and meal items that have a high protein content which I have now incorporated into my diet.

Ultimately you don’t have to be playing a sport to eat healthily. Even if you don’t find yourself to be a very active person, a simple change in diet can affect the way you feel and the way you live your life.