About this Recipe

By: Preeti Gupta

I try to focus on preparing a nutritious meal and also which is prepared quickly with the least effort. Green smoothies are one of them, they are the best incredible drinks take the least amount of effort to prepare and are an excellent healthy option is filling too. They have an easy way to get enough serving of fruits and vegetables required for the day. These consist of phytonutrients, proteins, fats, antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, and mineral promotes healing and prevents illness. They are best taken in the morning or as a snack between meals which provide dense-nutrient and is a rich alkalizing meal, that helps our body a great deal and can be modified per your taste by including different fruits, seeds, and nuts which will improve the flavor also extra calories.


Main ingredients are

  • Greens
  • fruits
  • water

Green Smoothies

Step1: Choose Green 2 hand full of your choice. (the flavor will change per green used)

Step2: Choice 2-4 fruits (Color and flavor changes per fruit used)

Step3: Water at room temperature.


Ginger, Honey, Mint, seeds like flax, hemp or Chia ( a spoon). Create different flavors you like.

Do not use

Any link of lettuce, dairy, and many items at once the flavor gets overpowering and not good for digestion keep it simple you will enjoy it better.


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